Saturday, 19 August 2017

My First Gifs......Louis Mayhew

Well these gifs below are one's I actually managed to create myself. Having opened a Gif
account recently I made several gifs but was unable to send them to these pages.
Eventually I managed to work it out. And it certainly is like having a new toy. I think it
has also distracted me from getting on with some other posts I'm supposed to be putting
So for the first big gif post I've chosen one of my favourite models Louis Mayhew from
the video he did with Male Model Corp. Also it's a video with some great shots that are
asking to be giffed.
Now I need to get my teeth into some new videos that I can make something from.
Perhaps if I can find the youtube page for those Taiwan beauties at Bluemen and maybe
one featuring Keung if I can find him. There's one Asian model's video I'd like to track down.
His name is Fanta-sia at Bluemen, although not sure what his real name is.
But he'll do nicely.

Below: Lots more of the gorgeous Louis including the full video
by Male Model Corp.

For the most concise photo gallery of all of Louis's pictures
visit the famenfashion tumblr HERE.

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